Types / Must Also Be True

Average Questions Per Test1.4
Predicted Questions on Modern Test1.9
Must also be true prompts you to extrapolate a new statement using formal logic based on information presented in a stimulus.

This task is prompted by a fairly pedestrian question stem, as exemplified by the explanations for the October 1996 Sample PrepTest below. On modern LSATs, the most common version of this question stems is:

If the [stimulus] above is true, which one of the following must also be true?

Two general structures that Zen of 180 students use to visually represent the must also be true task

In the example on the left, the credited answer (C), is a necessary condition interpolated between two or more pieces of evidence presented in the stimulus (A and B), i.e. in order for B to be true in the context of A, C must also be true.  In the diagram on the right, the credited response is a combination or two or more pieces of evidence from the stimulus, that when combined lead to a new conclusion.

The key to correctly answering a must also be true question is to clearly highlight the main pieces of evidence--the actors and their definitions--and how they can be combined in terms of topic, degree, certainty, and opinion.  As with depends upon assuming, the goal is not to describe the specific evidence--as the LSAT answers will invariably mention the "correct" parts--but rather the links in relationship and the degree of certainty between the pieces of the stimulus.

TestQ #SectionAnswerYour AnswerDistractorDifficulty
PT 68182CEnterAHard
PT 66142CEnter
PT 65251DEnterCHard
PT 6421CEnterEasy
PT 64201DEnterB/CHard
PT 6361AEnterMedium
PT 63201BEnterA/DHard
PT 6262AEnterEasy
PT 62192DEnterAHard
PT 6264AEnterEasy
PT 6132CEnterMedium
PT 60173DEnterCMedium
PT 59192CEnterEMedium
PT 58151DEnterCHard
PT 58201EEnterVery Easy
PT 57252CEnterMedium
PT 56223BEnterMedium
PT 55251CEnterMedium
PT 54162DEnterEasy
PT 5371AEnterEasy
PT 53193AEnterVery Easy
PT 5271AEnterMedium
PT 52151BEnterAMedium
PT 52241EEnterD/CVery Hard
PT 52143CEnterEasy
PT 52233AEnterMedium
PT 50104EEnterEasy
PT 49162DEnterCHard
PT 49212BEnterCHard
PT 4934DEnterEasy
PT 4954CEnterDMedium
PT 48141DEnterMedium
PT 48261AEnterDHard
PT 48144DEnterEMedium
PT 48184EEnterMedium
PT 47181DEnterBHard
PT 46113BEnterVery Easy
PT 46253EEnterMedium
PT 4581AEnterHard
PT 44154EEnterEasy
PT 44184BEnterEHard
PT 4372CEnterEasy
PT 43172EEnterCVery Hard
PT 43222AEnterEasy
PT 43173EEnterDVery Hard
PT 43213BEnterDHard
PT 43243BEnterAHard
PT 42162EEnterAHard
PT 42174CEnterMedium
PT 42254AEnterC/DVery Hard
PT 42264EEnterEasy
PT 4171AEnterHard
PT 41211BEnterEasy
PT 4123EEnterVery Easy
PT 41103AEnterVery Easy
PT 40221CEnterMedium
PT 39242BEnterEasy
PT 3964AEnterVery Easy
PT 39104BEnterVery Easy
PT 38254DEnterAHard
PT 36111DEnterEasy
PT 34223EEnterEasy
PT 3383AEnterEasy
PT 3271CEnterEasy
PT 32111BEnterDMedium
PT 32244BEnterMedium
PT 3182BEnterEasy
PT 31152AEnterEasy
PT 30182AEnterDMedium
PT 30202EEnterCVery Hard
PT 3074BEnterAMedium
PT 29181EEnterMedium
PT 29211BEnterA/CHard
PT 29224CEnterMedium
PT 29234EEnterCMedium
PT 28111AEnterDHard
PT 28141BEnterVery Easy
PT 28201AEnterMedium
PT 2791AEnterVery Easy
PT 27191EEnterHard
PT 27221DEnterCMedium
PT 2662DEnterVery Easy
PT 26123DEnterMedium
PT 26223DEnterEVery Hard
PT 25212EEnterBVery Hard
PT 25154EEnterMedium
PT 25164DEnterBHard
PT 24112EEnterEasy
PT 23102CEnterAHard
PT 23122BEnterMedium
PT 22254AEnterVery Easy
PT 2182EEnterA/BHard
PT 21182AEnterEasy
PT 2113EEnterEasy
PT 2071EEnterVery Easy
PT 20241BEnterAHard
PT 2064CEnterEasy
PT 20194DEnterCVery Hard
PT 19134EEnterEasy