Types / Most Similar in Reasoning

Average Questions Per Test1.3
Predicted Questions on Modern Test1.5
Today we'll introduce one of the most infamous tasks on the LSAT, in that many test prep companies suggest to simply skip it to save time: identify similar or parallel reasoning

This Zen task is easy to recognize but difficult to complete, if only because the entire text for a question can take up one column on a logical reasoning section's page. In addition to their length, the questions turn on your ability to take abstract logic and compare it against multiple distortions of that logic structure: many people's idea of mental torture.

In order to accurately complete this task, Zen clients focus on the actors, their explicit relationships, and the degree of certainty.  Once these elements are identified, you can turn those relationships into a pre-phrase similar to a principle or into a formal logic statement with symbols similar to a logic game diagram.  These tools can then be compared against the answer choices until a perfect match is found.

    All the free Zen of 180 explanations are for the two sample PrepTests, from June 2007 and October 1996. The question stem for this task is about as straightforward as they come, so you should be actively reading the stimulus and marking it with both highlighter and pencil. 

    Almost all PrepTests have have 1 or 2 most similar in reasoning tasks, so you can reasonably expect to encounter them during your practice. Below is the frequency that this task has been asked on modern LSATs and the percentage change in frequency from pre-2007 LSATs. It averages 2.4% of the points on a modern LSAT, and you can reasonably expect at least one point to be devoted to exclusively finding the main point.
      11 times
      on LSATs since 2007
      2.4% of LR
      (1 per LSAT, range 0-2)
      -0.5% growth from pre-2007
    As we mentioned earlier, many test prep companies recommend skipping this question type for anyone with significant timing issues on the logical reasoning sections.  While this may be solid advice for those not finishing 5 or more questions per section, we don't generally advocate skipping tasks for those hoping to score above 165.
    TestQ #SectionAnswerYour AnswerDistractorDifficulty
    June 2007122AEnterMedium
    PT 6892CEnterVery Easy
    PT 68223BEnterVery Easy
    PT 67192BEnter
    PT 67194BEnter
    PT 66162AEnter
    PT 66134DEnter
    PT 65174CEnterMedium
    PT 64211EEnterMedium
    PT 64253DEnterMedium
    PT 63211EEnterBMedium
    PT 63203EEnterAMedium
    PT 62254CEnterA/DMedium
    PT 6194DEnterEasy
    PT 60171AEnterMedium
    PT 6063DEnterEasy
    PT 59162EEnterAHard
    PT 57192CEnterDHard
    PT 57203EEnterCHard
    PT 56243DEnterMedium
    PT 55153EEnterEasy
    PT 54232CEnterMedium
    PT 54254CEnterEasy
    PT 53191AEnterBVery Hard
    PT 53233DEnterEasy
    PT 52161AEnterEHard
    PT 52243CEnterMedium
    PT 5151DEnterVery Easy
    PT 51243CEnterMedium
    PT 50144DEnterMedium
    PT 49242AEnterCHard
    PT 49174AEnterMedium
    PT 48121BEnterEasy
    PT 48224DEnterMedium
    PT 47151DEnterEasy
    PT 46182CEnterEMedium
    PT 45251CEnterHard
    PT 44214EEnterCHard
    PT 43112EEnterEasy
    PT 43253AEnterDVery Hard
    PT 42222BEnterDMedium
    PT 41151CEnterVery Easy
    PT 41243EEnterDMedium
    PT 40231AEnterDVery Hard
    PT 40253DEnterCHard
    PT 3982BEnterVery Easy
    PT 38221CEnterEasy
    PT 37262DEnterCMedium
    PT 37144EEnterMedium
    PT 35234DEnterAHard
    PT 3462BEnterEasy
    PT 34253AEnterCHard
    PT 33231BEnterEasy
    PT 33223CEnterEasy
    PT 32161AEnterEasy
    PT 31232BEnterMedium
    PT 31183AEnterDMedium
    PT 30142DEnterVery Easy
    PT 3094BEnterDHard
    PT 29131EEnterMedium
    PT 28131CEnterEasy
    PT 28263DEnterMedium
    PT 27261DEnterEHard
    PT 26162CEnterMedium
    PT 25222AEnterC/DVery Hard
    PT 25204CEnterEasy
    PT 24132DEnterEasy
    PT 24213AEnterVery Easy
    PT 23252BEnterEVery Hard
    PT 23183CEnterB/DHard
    PT 22162EEnterEasy
    PT 22204BEnterA/EHard
    PT 21223CEnterAVery Hard
    PT 20191DEnterBHard
    PT 20154BEnterEMedium
    PT 19202BEnterMedium
    PT 19244AEnterDMedium