Types / Best Principle for Example

Average Questions Per Test1.9
Predicted Questions on Modern Test1.6
This Zen task is one of the most difficult to recognize as it widely varies in its structure and can easily be conflated with its opposite task of best example of principle. That part of the principle strand zooms in, whereas the task for today's post zooms out to the general. 

The correct answer to a best principle for example question will map onto the evidence presented in the stimulus with all the relevant relationships and degrees intact. Thus, the same strategy of identifying actors, their relationships, and degrees of certainty that works for the extrapolation strand will also apply for this task.

The following example explanations are from the June 2007 Sample LSAT. The question stem for this task is very difficult to identify, so be sure to actively read it to determine the relationships you're looking for. Marking the stimulus for actors and relationships with both highlighter and pencil will help you make a clean prephrase of the overarching themes you'll look for in the answer choices.

TestQ #SectionAnswerYour AnswerDistractorDifficulty
June 2007242AEnterMedium
June 200763BEnterEasy
June 2007143CEnterEasy
PT 6692AEnter
PT 6554BEnterMedium
PT 65184BEnterEasy
PT 65234BEnterAHard
PT 6333EEnterMedium
PT 6212DEnterEasy
PT 6224DEnterMedium
PT 6122EEnterEasy
PT 6114EEnterMedium
PT 6093CEnterEasy
PT 59183DEnterAHard
PT 5841EEnterVery Easy
PT 58231CEnterVery Easy
PT 58164BEnterDHard
PT 58254AEnterVery Easy
PT 5712AEnterVery Easy
PT 57102BEnterEMedium
PT 57163CEnterAMedium
PT 55101BEnterVery Easy
PT 55211BEnterAHard
PT 5563DEnterEasy
PT 5482AEnterEasy
PT 54182CEnterAVery Hard
PT 5351EEnterVery Easy
PT 53183EEnterEasy
PT 52221DEnterMedium
PT 52253AEnterCVery Hard
PT 5153AEnterMedium
PT 5173BEnterEasy
PT 50252DEnterBHard
PT 5034BEnterVery Easy
PT 50204EEnterBMedium
PT 4994EEnterVery Easy
PT 48111EEnterEasy
PT 4864AEnterCMedium
PT 4771AEnterEasy
PT 4652AEnterEasy
PT 4683DEnterEasy
PT 44172CEnterEasy
PT 4444AEnterBHard
PT 44134DEnterVery Easy
PT 4333BEnterAMedium
PT 43263EEnterEasy
PT 41191EEnterEasy
PT 41143BEnterCHard
PT 39192EEnterDHard
PT 3831EEnterVery Easy
PT 38211DEnterMedium
PT 37182AEnterCMedium
PT 36171EEnterEasy
PT 34202DEnterMedium
PT 33181AEnterBMedium
PT 3231DEnterVery Easy
PT 3284CEnterEasy
PT 31222DEnterMedium
PT 31242EEnterVery Easy
PT 3052BEnterVery Easy
PT 30192CEnterMedium
PT 29191AEnterMedium
PT 29174AEnterEasy
PT 2841CEnterVery Easy
PT 2622BEnterVery Easy
PT 26232CEnterDHard
PT 2663EEnterEasy
PT 2582AEnterEasy
PT 25112DEnterEasy
PT 25232CEnterMedium
PT 25252DEnterCHard
PT 2554AEnterEasy
PT 25144DEnterVery Easy
PT 2492CEnterB/EHard
PT 24222DEnterEVery Hard
PT 24252AEnterMedium
PT 24263BEnterMedium
PT 23132AEnterEasy
PT 22154CEnterMedium
PT 21162EEnterVery Easy
PT 21153EEnterA/BHard
PT 21163CEnterEasy
PT 19102BEnterMedium