Types / Argumentative Strategy Employed

Average Questions Per Test2.1
Predicted Questions on Modern Test2.1
The Zen task argumentative strategy employed is fairly easy to recognize even though it has a myriad of different key words that can be used in the question stem.  The correct answer choice will be a restatement of the argument, with its various elements--premise, evidence, bridge, and conclusion--translated into "LSAT speak."

The following free Zen of 180 explanations are for the two sample PrepTests, from June 2007 and October 1996, although there was only one argumentative strategy employed question on the June 2007 LSAT. The question stem for this task requires extensive processing so you can be sure to focus on the correct speaker's point of view, especially when presented with a stimulus for two different authors.

Zen clients first read the question stem, determine which of the stimulus's arguments will be translated into "LSAT speak," and identify the premise, evidence, bridge, and conclusion as they read. Usually they highlight the conclusion, [bracket the bridge], and underline the key evidence, leaving the preface unmarked.

TestQ #SectionAnswerYour AnswerDistractorDifficulty
June 2007202EEnterEasy
PT 68262DEnterEHard
PT 68203DEnterAHard
PT 67124DEnterA
PT 66252EEnter
PT 66224CEnter
PT 65164AEnterC/EHard
PT 6431BEnterMedium
PT 63171CEnterEHard
PT 63193CEnterAMedium
PT 62142BEnterAHard
PT 62214AEnterVery Easy
PT 6142DEnterMedium
PT 61172AEnterEasy
PT 6021EEnterVery Easy
PT 60251CEnterVery Easy
PT 59143CEnterEasy
PT 59233BEnterCVery Hard
PT 5861AEnterEasy
PT 58261AEnterBHard
PT 58124AEnterEasy
PT 5753AEnterVery Easy
PT 5652EEnterEasy
PT 5692BEnterCVery Hard
PT 56112BEnterVery Easy
PT 5663DEnterVery Easy
PT 5531CEnterEasy
PT 54102BEnterEasy
PT 5424DEnterEasy
PT 53243AEnterCHard
PT 5253DEnterVery Easy
PT 49154AEnterEasy
PT 47101DEnterBMedium
PT 47203BEnterDVery Hard
PT 46172EEnterBMedium
PT 46103CEnterEasy
PT 4541CEnterAMedium
PT 4571BEnterEasy
PT 45124AEnterHard
PT 4131CEnterVery Easy
PT 4193CEnterAMedium
PT 41123BEnterMedium
PT 4021BEnterEasy
PT 4041DEnterEasy
PT 40133EEnterVery Easy
PT 3942CEnterVery Easy
PT 3934EEnterEasy
PT 3984DEnterVery Easy
PT 37102CEnterVery Easy
PT 37132CEnterEasy
PT 37104EEnterVery Easy
PT 37244BEnterVery Easy
PT 3611AEnterVery Easy
PT 3671BEnterEHard
PT 3683AEnterEMedium
PT 36103EEnterAHard
PT 36243CEnterMedium
PT 3551EEnterEasy
PT 35111EEnterEasy
PT 35254AEnterDMedium
PT 3482AEnterVery Easy
PT 3483BEnterVery Easy
PT 3321AEnterEasy
PT 33123AEnterVery Easy
PT 3281AEnterVery Easy
PT 3214BEnterEasy
PT 31203AEnterVery Easy
PT 3072DEnterVery Easy
PT 30164DEnterEasy
PT 2921AEnterVery Easy
PT 29121DEnterEasy
PT 2871EEnterVery Easy
PT 2873CEnterVery Easy
PT 28103AEnterVery Easy
PT 2761CEnterEasy
PT 27151AEnterVery Easy
PT 27124AEnterVery Easy
PT 27214DEnterEMedium
PT 2623BEnterVery Easy
PT 26163DEnterMedium
PT 25194AEnterBMedium
PT 25214CEnterVery Easy
PT 2432BEnterVery Easy
PT 2433DEnterVery Easy
PT 24173AEnterEasy
PT 2312CEnterVery Easy
PT 2332EEnterVery Easy
PT 23152DEnterEasy
PT 2383BEnterMedium
PT 2232DEnterEasy
PT 22112EEnterVery Easy
PT 22132CEnterEMedium
PT 22234BEnterVery Easy
PT 21122BEnterEasy
PT 21242AEnterBHard
PT 21143DEnterMedium
PT 21203DEnterVery Easy
PT 2081BEnterAMedium
PT 20211AEnterDHard
PT 20251DEnterVery Easy
PT 2044AEnterVery Easy
PT 20224AEnterMedium
PT 1962BEnterMedium
PT 1982CEnterVery Easy
PT 19112BEnterVery Easy
PT 1924AEnterEasy
PT 19184CEnterEasy
PT 19254BEnterCMedium