PT 66 2: 16

Test: PT 66
Question: Section 2: Question 16
Section: Logical Reasoning
First words: "The owners of Uptown Apartments..."
Type: Most Similar in Reasoning
Answer: A
Your Answer: Enter

Strategy: First, identify the conclusion and the type. Form a prephrase by restating the argument generically, so that only the structure and the reasoning error and none of the subject matter remains. See if the generic wording of the argument matches the generic wording of each answer choice.


ConclusionThe owners should improve the complex.
Type of Conclusionopinion
PrephraseSomeone does not want to do A (making the improvements) for reason B (it would not cover the cost). However, doing A would have positive effect C (increasing the rent on their other properties). So they should do A.

  1. This is correct because it states that someone does not want to do A (getting surgery) for reason B (it would cause pain). However, doing A would have positive effect C (allowing him to exercise). So he should do A.

  2. This is wrong because it states that boats can serve other purposes DURING the fishing season, which is when the company would be renting the boats, so the argument for buying does not make sense.
  3. Keywords that allow elimination: during the season

  4. This is wrong because there is an uncertainty (whether the cylinder head is actually cracked) that is not present in the initial argument. It also does not state, as per the original argument, that Max does not want to take the action.
  5. Keywords that allow elimination: if the cylinder head is cracked

  6. This is wrong because it does not state an opinion about what Leona should do, but rather tells a story about what she did.
  7. Keywords that allow elimination: led

  8. This is wrong because it does not give any reasons against taking the action, or state that the actor is leaning against it.
  9. Keywords that allow elimination: enthusiastic

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